Our story

By engineers, for geniuses

We are passionate about high quality watches for daily use focused on innovation and design, without ostentation. We felt that no brand represented us.

Fusing a sophisticated design with Swiss craftsmanship, we are committed to technologies and high-value materials with the resistance of steel and the lightness of plastic.

We design and manufacture watches with Swiss precision and aerospace carbon fiber.

We are Francesc Robles and Sergi Gibert, two industrial engineers specializing in mechanics from Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain), and innovation and watchmaking are the two things we love more than anything else.

We are carbon fiber specialists, with experience of +15 years working with this material for the main energy, nuclear and water companies in our country, in addition to collaborating with different public bodies, such as the S-80 submarines of the Spanish Navy.

Our technology partners work for the space and aeronautics markets.

Redefining the watchmaking

Overpricing is part of our everyday lives and watchmaking is no exception.

A watch with real carbon fiber can cost several thousand euros. It is accessible to people who are looking for luxury, but not always for those who are looking for innovation.

The reality is that innovation is dominated by the monopoly of the big brands with a disproportionate market share.

This is mainly due to 3 reasons. The complexity of the carbon fiber manufacturing process, the limited number of units and the high sponsorship costs paid by a brand.

Its price in the luxury industry can be 5 to 10 times its value, and we know this very well because we are specialists working with this material.

This situation generates great controversy between the real value of the materials and the status or positioning of the brand.

We founded blesbert ® to reverse this situation. Our lifestyle does not go with ostentation, but we value quality, innovation, and design.

This way of thinking underpins our brand values such as differentiation, sophistication, and a willingness to always be one step ahead, honestly.

Transparency is necessary

Transparency is necessary to avoid any confusion about our watches.

We do our design, pre-prototyping stage (3D printed) and materials approval in Spain, to make sure we control every detail before going further with prototyping and pre-production.

We manufacture our components in different regions:

Spain and United Kingdom for the carbon fiber manufacture and testing processes. Hong Kong and Japan for most of the components. Italy and France for our straps and accessories. And finally, Switzerland for the movements. Calibers are developed, assembled, and inspected entirely in Switzerland.

We are working with Ronda, a traditional Swiss manufacturer since 1946, to produce the quartz calibers. For the mechanical calibers, we are working with Sellita (La Chaux-de-Fonds), same Swiss manufacturer of recognized brands such as Oris or TAG Heuer, among others.

The assembly, water-resistance test and final quality control is carried out in Spain, through our approved watchmakers with experience in assembly, repair, and technical service of internationally recognized brands.


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