Eight reasons

Eight reasons to own a blesbert timepiece. 

For a peace of mind, purchase only through our official site (www.blesbert.com) or authorized retailers listed on our website, to ensure that your watch is a blesbert ® product.


01 Aerospace technology

Differentiation, sophistication, and advanced high-tech materials with the resistance of steel and the lightness of plastic. Our technology partners work for the space and aeronautics markets.

02 Carbon fiber specialists

In-depth know-how in materials and processes. We are industrial engineers and carbon fiber specialists, with experience of +15 years working with this material for the main energy, nuclear and water companies in our country, in addition to collaborating with different public bodies, such as the S-80 submarines of the Spanish Navy.

03 Innovation and design

Carbon fiber innovation in watchmaking is dominated by the monopoly of the big brands with a disproportionate market share. This is mainly due to 3 reasons. The complexity of the carbon fiber manufacturing process, the limited number of units and the high sponsorship costs paid by a brand. Its price in the luxury industry can be 5 to 10 times its value, and we know this very well because we are specialists working with this material. We founded blesbert ® to reverse this situation. Our lifestyle does not go with ostentation, but we value quality, innovation, and design.


04 Fine watchmaking shield

All our watches are constructed with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, maximum scratch resistance. The hardest transparent material after diamond, and the shield used by the fine watchmaking (haute horlogerie).


05 Swiss craftsmanship

Swiss watchmaking is a symbol of precision and guarantee. We are working with Ronda, a traditional Swiss manufacturer since 1946, to produce the quartz calibers. For the mechanical calibers, we are working with Sellita (La Chaux-de-Fonds), same Swiss manufacturer of recognized brands such as Oris or TAG Heuer, among others.

06 Each watch is unique

Each watch is engraved with a unique traceability number, a reference that certifies its manufacturing process.

07 Quick change system

Fashion matters. Our straps are designed to change the look of the watch in seconds without the use of external tools.

08 Payment and warranty

If you wish, you can finance your order by paying in 3 easy installments with no added interest. Select the financing method when processing your order. This website uses SSL standards without saving your data, the most secure payment encryption protocol used today. We know perfectly well the value of our watches, that's why we give 3 years warranty, a longer period than most brands.