Our story

Overpricing is part of our everyday lives

And watchmaking is no exception. The reality is that innovation is dominated by the monopoly of the big brands.

Historically, there are high-value materials that have been appropriated by luxury companies, such as carbon fiber, sapphire crystal, or titanium carbide, among others.

Why is it paid 10 to 20 times its value?

This is mainly due to 3 reasons. The complexity of the manufacturing process, the limited number of units and the sponsorships paid by a brand.

A classic example is carbon fiber.

Innovation and accessibility

Today, a watch with real carbon fiber can cost several thousand euros.

Its price in the luxury industry can be 10 to 20 times its value, and we know this very well because we have been working with this material for 15 years.

This situation generates great controversy between the real value of the materials and the status or positioning of the brand.

It is accessible to people who are looking for luxury, but it is not within the reach of those who are looking for innovation.

What if we told you that we could reverse this situation? 

We design and manufacture exclusive carbon fiber watches with Swiss craftsmanship.


We are Francesc Robles and Sergi Gibert, two engineers specializing in industrial mechanics from Rovira i Virgili University, and innovation and watchmaking are the two things we love more than anything else.

Experience of +15 years managing a business unit specialized in carbon fiber. We worked for the main energy and nuclear companies in our country, in addition to collaborating with different public bodies.

We founded blesbert to redefine luxury watchmaking with an innovative spirit.

This way of thinking underpins our brand values such as differentiation, sophistication, and a willingness to always be one step ahead.

We use processes and materials used in the aerospace industry, combined with pure Swiss craftsmanship. A new time concept, known to few.

And last but not least, we firmly believe that cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials must be accessible to those who appreciate innovation, regardless of their wealth.


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